Game principles are very simple (game principles in one pictureclean battlefield of enemies) — the «balancer» program selects 2 teams with 15 participants in each team from players which are waiting for battle. Of course, teams are balanced and have equal level of vehicles (level of player is not taken into account). Maximum battle duration is 15 minutes. But average battle time is about 7 minutes. Average battle time is increasing with the level of vehicles and players.

There are 4 battle modes: Standard Battle, Encounter Battle, Assault and Defense. On practice, differences between these modes may not be noticeable, because all these modes have the same goal: to destroy all enemy vehicles or capture enemy base.

The game is very simple to understand, you start to play right after the game client installation. Initially you have one tank of each nation and start to play. But the game is simple only at first look. You see, for one player it is very hard to affect the game result. No matter how good and experienced you are, it would be very hard to change the score if you will get a bad team.

I will post common tactical patterns for every map and every game mode in «Maps» section.

Main fight patterns and tips will be posted in «Guide» section.

There are 5 vehicle types in game: heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks, tank destroyers and Self-propelled guns, that is also known as artillery or SPGs.