This tank has good stats. But the “balabcer” always throws it to battles with tier 10 vehicles, so on practice this tank is not that great. I.e it is kinda like “underheavy” tank. You cannot call it a heavy tank due to its weak armor, but it is also hard to call it a medium tank due to its low speed. As a result, except the good cannon, there is nothing this tank would be able to counter the enemy tier 10 vehicles. So without the good cannon this tank would be just horrible.
It is rare possible, but if you will get to the top 3 of the battle list, then you will dominate in the fight. Its weaknesses will become advantages. In fact, it will be a heavy tank with a good speed, great cannon and not bad armor. But in 95% of all battles you will fight vehicles of tier 10, against which this tank is useless.

Cons – weak armor, low speed. Pros – relatively good cannon.