In this section I will post reviews on different vehicles I had with my personal opinion on every tank. Low level tanks (below fifth level) will not be reviewed – no point.

Vehicles, which I have faced countless times but do not have in my hangar, will also be reviewed (because I know its capabilities, more or less).



T-34  T-34-85 T-54  IS-7  T-44
 KV-5 IS  IS-8  IS-6  KV-3
 IS-3 KV-1  KV-85  KV-2  KV-4
 T-150 T-62A  T-43  ISY-152  SU-85


E-75 VK 36.01 Panther Panther II E-50M
 E-100 E-50 VK 28.01 Ferdinand Jagdtiger
Tiger StuG III Tiger (P)  Tiger II


 M6  T1 Heavy  T29  T32  T34
 M103  T110E5  T26E4  T95 Hellcat


AMX 50 100 AMX 50 B ARL 44 AMX 13 90
AMX 50 120 AMX M4 45 Lorr. 40 t AMX 40 AMX 13 75