Game tactics on various World Of Tanks maps does not have much variety. Every team must use the same tactic pattern on every map, on every game mode.

Theoretically you can play using uncommon tactics and win. But on practice you should persuade your team during the loading (10-15 seconds) to rush bypass key points and your team should support you. I mean, on practice it is rarely possible. But if you will manage to do it, then in most cases enemy team will be stunned and lose with a crushing score.

Capturing key points means almost a victory. Almost. But not always. In most cases key points are good firing positions on heights with wide firing range.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish one specific key point, because a combat might stretch to a long line, thereby there also might be key lines.

There are basics in game tactics on every World Of Tanks maps. All heavy armor should capture key points. Smaller and faster vehicles should resist all enemy flanking attacks that bypassing key points, thereby, fight with similar medium vehicles and prevent detecting your artillery by enemy scouts. But, as I’ve already mentioned, massive rush bypass key points by enemy team is also sometimes possible. In this case the task of medium and light tanks is to hold enemy rush as long as possible (until your main forces regroups), i.e. until your heavy tanks will arrive from the key point.

Game tactics on every specific map were not created by someone. All tactical patterns were based on landscape and terrain of every specific map.

Let’s review all main World Of Tanks maps and battle modes.


Standard Battle


 El-Halluf Airfield  Cliff  Ensk  Fjords
 Karelia Himmelsdorf   Steppes Highway Komarin
 Lakeville Live-oaks Malinovka  Mines Mountain-pass
 Murovanka  Prokhorovka  Ruinberg Westfield   Widepark