In the World of Tanks you can train your crew members for skills. There are common skills for all crew members and individual skills for every type of a crew qualification.

Skills are divided in two types: skills and perks. Here is the difference: skills will affect your vehicle from the moment you’ve chose them. Perks can affect your vehicle only after they’ve been trained to 100%.

Only one skill can be considered as “must have”– the commanders «sixth sense» perk. Without «sixth sense» it is not impossible, but VERY hard to play on tiers 7-10.

For others you can chose whatever you want.

I prefer this sequence of training:

  1. Sixth sense.
  2. Repair
  3. Brothers in arms
  4. WoT Deadeye
  5. Camouflage
  6. Firefighting.


Not regulated skills and perks like the WOT Deadeye are a little suspicious. Their description says that «this perk increases the chance to critically damage enemy vehicle modules and crew». AND THAT’S ALL! Only developers know the value of this «chance». And they can change this perk’s mechanics like they want. That’s why there is no actual point to train such not regulated skills, but there are no really useful skills, except «sixth sense» and «repair», so you will have to choose something anyway.